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Semco Teak Wood Cleaner Quart - 2 Part Set

Semco Teak Wood Cleaner Quart - 2 Part Set

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For cleaning teak, nothing compares to Semco teak cleaner.

PART 1 dissolves dirt and old sealers.

PART 2 brightens teak and neutralizes Part 1.

TWO PART CLEANER is the simplest and most thorough way to clean teak. It deep cleans teak without harsh scrubbing to remove graying, fish blood, fuel stains and teak oils.


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  • I just bought a new table and purchased the cleaner set. I would also like to seal the color. I assume that I should use the two step process to clean and then seal? And then going forward, do I just need to clean regularly or do both? Thanks for clarifying.

    Thanks again for your business!

    Your Seven Seas Teak table is ready to be sealed right away.

    As long as it hasn't gotten dirty yet, you should not need to clean it first.

    You can apply the sealer 1 to 2 times per year to your preference.

    It would be best to use the 2-part cleaner just prior to re-applying sealer to remove any mildew, dirt etc.

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